Our Brands 

We strongly desire to deliver wonderful products that are not just simple daily necessities but also enrich everyday life.
To make each precious day a fine day, we offer a variety of brands designed to help elevate the lives of people around the world.

Hair Care

As FineToday’s first original brand, +tmr noted that hair consists of 80% protein, so hair care means protein care! With simple formulas rooted in that concept, the brand’s products leave hair irresistibly soft.
This hair care brand provides the same high-quality care for hair as for skin. The products seek out and intensively repair even the slightest hair damage. Even hair that seems damaged beyond hope becomes tame and smooth.
A hair care brand that awakens hair’s beauty with remarkable shine. Leveraging the vitality of the Japanese camellia, which blooms in winter, Tsubaki’s exclusive formula draws on camellia oil’s power to give you instant, vibrant luster, like the shine that ripples across supple hair when it bounces.
Enjoy “plant therapy,” thanks to concentrated botanical extracts. Gentle, silicone-free shampoo formula with exclusive cleansing technology thoroughly cleanses the hair while reducing the burden on the hair and scalp. Maintains a healthy scalp and nurtures strong hair.
Aquair is a premium personal care brand exclusive to China. Aquair offers products that relieve hair and skin dryness, providing much-needed moisture.
This hair care brand works like a special esthetic treatment for one’s hair and soul. The products are made for women who love adorable things but also seek high performance. The ingredients penetrate hair to its inner core, repairing it and leaving it moisturized and shiny.
Sealing and repairing ingredients work on cuticle damage from deep inside the hair. This hair care brand seals and repairs hair and keeps moisture in place.
Dry shampoo that’s easy to use anytime, anywhere. No water needed.

Skin Care

A high-performance skin care brand that dispels skin problems, for a makeup-free face that’s clear and beautiful. It offers an array of facial cleansers, makeup remover, and skin care items in Japan and Asia.
Uno is a brand for men that draws out the new appeal of young men and supports their evolution into adults. Its lineup includes all-in-one cream and other skin care products, as well as men’s makeup, hair styling products, and facial cleansers.
Years after its launch in 1995, this skincare brand has been revived as the new HADASUI, aspiring to provide “water with qualities identical to the skin.” The brand strives for hydration with formulations containing only carefully selected ingredients necessary for moisturizing the skin.

Body Care

“Liberating people from bad odors, with the power of science”—that’s Ag’s mission. This deodorant brand takes care of the odors of sweat, aging, and even “the smell of stress.” Its main product is a high-performance powder spray, but the brand offers a wide array of other products, from stick-type, roll-on, and sheet-type deodorants to body milk.
A body care brand known for its invigorating feel. Centering on its refreshingly light, fragrant Deo & Water products and Face & Body Sheet products, SEA BREEZE is popular as a brand that keeps youth fresh while they engage in studying, extracurricular activities, dating, and other hallmarks of adolescence.
A brand specializing in body soaps that nourish the skin with a delightful, luxurious lather and soothing fragrance. The product lineup also includes body milk.
Medicated hand cream for smooth, beautiful hands.


Medicated lip cream that imbues lips with dewy moisture for a beautiful pout.
A men’s hair styling brand offering super-hard hold, for standout hairstyles with staying power.
Cosmetic tools that are easy to grip, easy to use, and gentle on the skin.
Women’s razors with safety guards, to ensure a safe, confident shave.
Razors that stay sharp longer and deliver a smooth shaving sensation.