FineToday Group Sustainability

Objectives for 2030

In July 2022, we formulated "Fine Today & Tomorrow 2030," our mid-to-long-term vision based on the four Ps (Principles of Governance, People, Planet, and Prosperity), to serve as a roadmap to guide our efforts up to 2030 and aid us in achieving our Purpose. We will continue to provide sustainable value to all of our stakeholders by linking this with our mid-to-long-term management plan.


Materiality Identification Process

Regarding international norms and guidance in the field of sustainability, in 2022 we defined 18 materiality items (key issues) to address through a four-step process aimed at realizing our administrative vision and helping to achieve the SDGs. Moving forward, we intend to revise these as needed in response to trends in the international community and changes in our business.

Step 1

Extraction of social issues to address

List materiality candidates with reference to the following.
・UN Global Compact
・ISO 26000
・GRI Standards
・Assessment items used by ESG assessment organizations

Step 2

Analysis of social and business impact

Based on the opinions of external experts, we examine the degree of impact that the materiality items extracted in Step 1 have on our business in terms of "responsibility to stakeholders" and "value creation."

Step 3

Identification of the validity and priority of materiality items

Based on the results of the impact analyses conducted in Step 2, we create a materiality matrix, and identify 18 materiality items that our stakeholders demand and which have a significant impact on our business.

Step 4

Approval by the executive committee and board of directors

The executive committee and board of directors then approve the 18 identified materiality items.

Priority Identification and Materiality Matrix

We identify the ESG challenges that are important in implementing our mid-to-long-term strategies in terms of their importance both to our stakeholders as a whole as well as to Fine Today Group. Once we have identified these challenges, we consider the actions we must take.

Related SDGs

Our products and services are used by numerous consumers around the world, and we contribute to achieving the SDGs by improving our customers' mental and physical health, being environmentally friendly, and making life better in the future.

Dialogs with external experts

 In order to meet to the expectations and demands of various stakeholders in the course of promoting purpose-driven management, the FineToday Group holds dialogs between the in-house management team and external experts in possession of cutting-edge knowledge.
 How should FineToday operate its business and promote ESG in order to achieve sustainable growth together with society? FineToday engages in lively discussions with a wide range of stakeholders and reflects the results in the Group's various initiatives.

Dialogs held to date