Purpose Value


Our purpose is
to enrich the lives of everyone today and
for generations to come,
one fine day at a time.

Our inherited Aesthetic Intelligence and
expertise enables us to help people feel more alive every day.

Our products and services bring wellness
to the mind and body as well as the environment.

Our team embodies truth, goodness, and beauty,
and acts as one for the benefit of people and the planet.


  • Customer Delight and Commitment to Quality
    We strive to delight our customers, providing exceptional products and services tailored to their daily lives. We work together as one united and agile team to anticipate and meet our customers’ true needs wherever they are.
  • Aesthetics Rooted in Us
    We are committed to continuing our inherited tradition of “Aesthetic Intelligence”. We are true to both people and the planet. We act with integrity, compelled to enrich present and future generations by bringing quality and comfort to their minds and bodies.
  • Frontier Spirit
    We challenge ourselves to generate ideas, experiment, and be open to new possibilities. We embrace diversity and inspire each other with different perspectives in pursuit of our purpose.

Each Manager's Thoughts on Purpose and Values

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Basic concept of Purpose-driven management

Balancing creation of economic and social value Through Purpose-driven management
with business operations and ESG promotion as two coequal elements
Basic concept of Purpose-driven management
Business operations and promotion of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives serve as the twin axles of FineToday's business as it continues to enrich the lives of people around the world and making every day a fine day. We aim to create economic and social value through the following cycle: contributing to the sustainability of our businesses and the planet based on these twin axles building trust, empathy among all stakeholders, and sharing inspiring emotion with them.

ESG promotion

FineToday has formulated the mid-to-long-term vision Fine Today & Tomorrow 2030 as a roadmap toward realizing our Purpose by FY2030.
We have identified key performance indicators (KPIs) in each of the four main areas of Principles of Governance, People, Planet, and Prosperity. We will deliver sustained value to our diverse stakeholders by taking steady action in each of these areas.

Fine Today & Tomorrow 2030

Business operations

In addition to the functional and emotional value of our products, FineToday aims to build trusted brands by providing social value to contribute to positive changes in consumer behavior.
FineToday will solidify its ability to deliver stable value based on its integrated business system with consideration for sustainability. By doing so, we will earn stakeholders' inspiring emotion and empathy by meeting consumers' unidentified needs while also transforming ourselves.