The FineToday Group Global Personal Information Protection Policies

The FineToday Group aims to enable everyone in the world to weave a wonderful day and live a beautiful and rich life forever, and we continue to challenge ourselves to achieve this goal by respecting diversity with an open mind, and by being driven by the values and opinions that emerge from this respect.

In order to meet the customers' true needs and provide exceptional products and services, the FineToday Group values communication with consumers, key accounts, business partners, employees, shareholders, and investors, and utilizes the personal information entrusted by everyone in a variety of situations, including development of the products and services and sales promotion.

For this reason, the FineToday Group recognizes that it has a great responsibility to safely handle personal information entrusted by everyone, and has established its Personal Information Protection Policies with the aim to handle personal information in a safe and secure manner.
These Personal Information Protection Policies apply to all companies of the FineToday Group.

In light of these Personal Information Protection Policies, Policies and Terms of Use established pursuant to individual laws and regulations also apply to all FineToday Group companies and services, respectively.
For further information about the handling of personal information, please see each FineToday Group company's Policies and the service's Terms of Use.
Compliance with Laws and Regulations
The FineToday Group complies with laws and regulations, policies, principles, and internal regulations of each country and region regarding protection of personal information, and strives to ensure proper management and protection.
Use of Personal Information
Except as permitted by law, the FineToday Group uses your personal information only within the scope of intended use specified by each FineToday Group company. In addition, the FineToday Group will endeavor to explain its usage purpose, to the best its ability.
Acquisition and Sharing of Personal Information
The FineToday Group strives to provide you with necessary information on how it acquires and shares your personal information in a clear manner, to the best of its ability.
The Safe Management of Personal Information
The FineToday Group takes necessary and appropriate measures to safely manage the personal information it acquires.
Response to Requests for Handling of Personal Information
The FineToday Group will respond appropriately if you directly contact the customer service center to inquire about, correct, suspend the use of, suspend the provision of personal information to a third party, or delete, etc.
Should you have any queries about the handling of personal information, please feel free to contact the service desk of each Group company of FineToday Holdings Co., Ltd. or of each service.
These policies are subject to change. You are advised to check the "last updated date."

For more detailed information, please see the privacy policy of each entity.

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Latest updated date: January 1, 2023