Product development grounded in the needs of each country and region
To be a glocal enterprise that plays a vital role in Asia

FineToday Group does business in China and the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) in addition to Japan. In doing so, it emphasizes enhancement of its R&D function—the core of any manufacturing business.

FineToday's R&D vision

Through R&D, FineToday aims to meet the diverse needs of customers more attentively by developing and supplying original products and services that suited to the lifestyles and cultures of individual regions. A major goal is for facilities in China and APAC to identify and analyze market needs and apply basic technologies developed by R&D facilities in Japan to offer unique products and services in each country and region.

研究開発で目指す姿 研究開発で目指す姿
R&D themes

FineToday Group's R&D focuses on the central themes of brand value development and applied and advanced research for future solutions.

In brand value development , FineToday Group aims to establish technologies to deliver its brand value to consumers. In addition to product quality, safety, and features, it strives to generate sensual value through which consumers can experience the brand value of the products they use. In applied and advanced research for future solutions, it researches and develops technologies to serve as foundations for developing new products with competitive advantages. Its technology development initiatives aim to contribute to further growth in China and APAC while enhancing resources such as human resources and facilities.

R&D themes
Leveraging Group assets to create value

Its human resources with specializations and expertise in diverse fields are one of the strengths of FineToday Group's R&D. These human resources come from diverse backgrounds including cosmetic manufacturers and raw material manufacturers. In addition to generating synergies among team members, R&D sections also will cooperate more closely with Fine Today Industries, which handles Group manufacturing functions, to ensure timely development of new products that meet consumer needs.

Leveraging Group assets to create value
ファイントゥデイインダストリーズ ファイントゥデイインダストリーズ

An R&D facility to accelerate innovation
FineToday Beauty Innovation Center

The FineToday Beauty Innovation Center, an urban R&D site for personal care products, opened in July 2023.

The Center's location in Tokyo's Toyosu district (Koto Ward) ensures easy access from FineToday's headquarters (in Minato Ward) and the manufacturing center at Fine Today Industries (in Kuki, Saitama Prefecture). This Center will accelerate innovation to deliver new value to consumers by strengthening cooperation among Group functions such as brand marketing, manufacturing, and sales and carrying out R&D powered by active communication.

FineToday Beauty Innovation Center
MEBKS TOYOSU, 6-4-34 Toyosu, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Floor space
Approx. 1,100 m2
Research and development of personal care products
Start of operation
July 3, 2023
ファイントゥデイインダストリーズ ファイントゥデイインダストリーズ