Founding Thoughts

Making every day a fine day

We want to bring "a fine day" to people around the world.
A day that will make your heart happy,
A day that will make you more positive about life,
A day that will put a smile on your face.
And a life full of those kinds of days is a fine life.
The aesthetic sense of Japan that we've inherited-
Which brings our heart to people, to things, and to nature-
Will definitely become a force to support this world of the future.
We truly believe in the power of a fine day,
So we will continue to bring fine days to more people around the world.

About our Mission

FineToday's products evolved from the Fine Toiletry department of Shiseido, which has a history spanning more than 100 years. This makes our use of the word "fine" very special to us.
We have always made every effort to create fine products that are not just simple daily necessities, they also enrich daily life. It is this strong sentiment that we have infused into the word "fine."
We also believe that every single day is part of the foundation on which we build our lives, and that to live each day richly, we need to absorb the richness of each moment. This sentiment is infused into the word "today."
And finally, we believe that we should make every day into a fine day. Because making every day a fine day can transform a life into a fine life.
So to do our part to create a world in which everybody can joyfully say, "Today is a fine day,"
We will infuse beauty, feelings, and richness into our "today."