Terms of Use

FineToday Holdings Co., Ltd. Website Terms of Use
Article 1 (Application of Terms of Use)
"FineToday Holdings Co., Ltd. Website" ("Website") is operated by FineToday Holdings Co., Ltd. ("Company").
"FineToday Holdings Co., Ltd. Website Terms of Use" ("TOU") shall be applicable to all users of the services of the Website ("Users"). However, if terms of use, etc., are separately stipulated for individual services provided through the Website, for the use of such individual services by Users, the TOU and such terms of use, etc., shall be applicable.
Article 2 (Definition of User)
Regardless of whether or not the Company can identify individual users, the TOU regards all persons who use the Service as Users.
Article 3 (Consent to Terms of Use)
When the User actually uses the Services, the User shall be deemed to have agreed to the TOU.
Article 4 (Equipment, etc., Required for Use of Services)
Terminal equipment, communications equipment, software, and other equipment necessary for using the Service shall be borne by the User.
Article 5 (Announcement and Amendment of TOU)
The Company may arbitrarily revise all or part of the content of the TOU without prior notice to the User. In such instance, the Company shall notify of the revision on the Website, and the revision shall take effect at the time of posting on the Website.
Article 6 (Prohibitions)
When the User uses the Website, the Company prohibits Users from engaging in the following acts (including acts that induce or prepare for such acts). In addition, the applicability of each of the following items shall be determined by the Company (the determination shall be at the discretion of the Company; the same shall apply hereinafter in places where the TOU state that "the Company determines/determined").

1.Acts that slander or defame other Users, third parties, or the Company (including the Company's parent company, subsidiaries, and affiliates), or acts that are likely to do so

2.Acts that infringe the property rights or privacy of other Users, third parties, or the Company (including the Company's parent company, subsidiaries, and affiliates), or acts that are likely to do so

3.Acts of infringing intellectual property rights (copyrights, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, or portrait rights) of other Users and third parties or the Company (including the Company's parent company, subsidiaries, and affiliates) or acts that are likely to do so

4.Sending or writing harmful computer programs, etc.

5.Acts contrary to the public order and morals, criminal acts, or acts that are likely to do so

6.Acts of using the Service for commercial purposes, or acts aimed at preparing therefor

7.Election campaigns, similar acts, and other political and religious acts

8.Any other acts that interfere with the operation of the Services

9.Acts that violate the laws and regulations of Japan or the country or region where the User is located when using the Website

10.Any other act that the Company determines inappropriate
Article 7 (Responsibility for Using Information on the Website)
The Company does not warrant the integrity, usefulness, etc., of information obtained by Users through the Website, such as information transmitted by other Users. In addition, Users shall use the Website at their own responsibility, and the Company shall bear no liability for any consequences resulting from the use of or reliance on such information by Users.
Article 8 (Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Rights)
1.All rights related to the content posted on the Website either belong to the Company or are used by the Company based on a license or other legitimate titles, and the User is prohibited from using any of the content of the Website for purposes other than the User's own personal use, to re-provide it to the public regardless of whether it is inside or outside the network, or to use or reproduce it without permission.

2.All trademarks and service marks appearing on the Website are owned by the Company or its parent company, subsidiaries or affiliated companies, or are used based on license or other legitimate title, and Users are prohibited to use them without permission.

3.In the event that copyright (including the rights stipulated in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act of Japan) or other intellectual property rights arise with respect to the information, etc., provided by the User, the User shall transfer to the Company the right to the relevant information, etc., free of charge, and shall not exercise rights such as author's moral rights.
Article 9 (Changes, Additions, and Termination of Services)
1.When any of the following events occur, the Company may suspend or terminate the provision of all or part of the Services without prior notice to the User.

(1) When performing regular or urgent work such as maintenance and inspection of the system that provides the Services
(2) In the event of a failure, etc., in the system that provides the Service
(3) When it is difficult to provide the Service due to a power outage, fire, earthquake, or other force majeure event
(4) When there are other reasonable grounds in relation to operations or technologies of the Services

2.The Company may change, add to, or terminate all or part of the content of the Services without prior notice.

3.The Company shall assume absolutely no liability for any disadvantage or damage incurred by the User due to the measures in the preceding paragraphs.
Article 10 (Third Party Websites)
The Company shall assume absolutely no liability for any damage incurred by Users due to use of websites managed and operated by third parties linked from the Website, and shall bear no obligation to compensate for any damage.
Article 11 (Handling of Personal Information)
1. As a general rule, the Company does not require Users to provide personal information such as addresses and names that can identify Users when Users access and browse the Website.

2. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, Users are required to register personal information only when using the following services on the Website. In such instance, the User shall agree that the Company will handle the User's personal information in accordance with the separately provided "On Personal Information." These services include services that require personal authentication. The following services are free of charge, but Users must bear communications charges, fees, etc., for accessing the Website.

(1) When the User desires to receive e-mail from the Company
(2) When the User applies for an event, etc., announced on the Website
(3) When the User applies for employment, etc., through the Website
(4) When the User makes an inquiry of the Company
(5) When the User desires to request materials, etc., from the Company

3. The Company will appropriately manage personal information received from Users in accordance with "On Personal Information."
Article 12 (Immunity and Indemnity)
1. If the User causes the Company to incur damage due to breach of the TOU or act of fraud, the Company may claim reasonable indemnification from the User. In addition, if the User causes damage to a third party through the use of the Services, the User shall resolve this at their own responsibility.

2. Unless otherwise provided in the TOU, regarding the results of the use of the Services, malfunctions and failures of the system that provides the Services, intrusion into the system by a third party, disputes over commercial transactions, etc., regardless of the reason, the Company shall bear absolutely no liability whatsoever to Users and third parties.
Article 13 (Website Security)
The Website protects Users' personal information by using highly secure technology and maintaining high security.

(1) Firewall protection against unauthorized access
(2) Prevention of unauthorized access by regular analysis of access logs and intrusion detection system
(3) Data encryption
Article 14 (Use of Cookies)
1.The Website uses cookies for some content for the following purposes. The function of cookies on the Website is to store on the User's computer information that the User has viewed the Website, and information collected through the relevant cookies do not include any "information that can identify individuals" such as e-mail addresses or names.

(1) For the purpose of temporarily storing information necessary for more convenient browsing of the Website when there is an application spanning multiple pages on the Website
(2) For the purpose of providing customized services for each User by referring to the stored User registration information when the User is logged in to the authentication service
(3) For the purpose of analyzing the access trends of Users on the Website for the purpose of providing better services through the Website by the Company or a company entrusted with research and analysis work by the Company
(4) For the purpose of displaying the most appropriate advertisements on other companies' websites based on the User's interests and usage status on the Website
(5) When a User uses authentication services, for the purpose of prompting the User to re-enter the password (re-authentication) after a certain period of time has passed in order to maintain security

In addition, the Company may allow a company to which the Company outsources advertisement distribution operations to save and refer to the cookies of the Website via the website of the relevant outsourcee company.

2.In order for the User to properly use the Services the User must agree to the preceding paragraph and accept cookies. Users can set their browsers to refuse cookies, but in that case, Users shall agree in advance that some content may not function properly or be unusable.

3.On the Website, the Company will use a technology called web beacons to collect statistics on the status of use of the Services by Users. Web beacons do not collect User's personal information. In addition, Users can refuse the acquisition of information by web beacons by setting their browsers to refuse cookies.

∗ About Google Analytics
The Company uses Google Analytics from Google Inc. on the Website in order to understand the usage status of the Services by Users. Google Analytics may use the Company's cookies to collect and analyze User information that does not include personal information.
Google Analytics Terms of Service: http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/jp.html
Google's Privacy Policy: http://www.google.com/intl/ja/policies/privacy/
Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=ja
Article 15 (Link to the Website)
1.Users may freely link to the Website. However, links from websites that include the following content are not permitted.
(1) Content that violates public order and morals
(2) Content that violates laws and regulations
(3) Content that slanders and defames the Company (including its parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates) or related parties of the Company
(4) Other content that the Company determines to damage the corporate value of the Company

2.The Company shall assume absolutely no liability for any disadvantage caused by page movement or deletion for the Company's own convenience.
Article 16 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)
The Website and the TOU shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. All disputes arising in relation to the Website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court as court of first instance unless otherwise provided.