• October

    Shiseido Trading Co., Ltd. founded

  • July

    Shiseido Trading Co., Ltd. renamed to Shiseido Fine Toiletry Co., Ltd.

  • October

    FT Shiseido Co., Ltd. founded.

    Absorbed Shiseido Fine Toiletry Co., Ltd. while also receiving the transfer of Shiseido Company, Limited's personal care business, including the Kuki Plant.

  • October

    New FT Shiseido Co., Ltd. founded through an incorporation-type company split.

    Inherited all business from the former FT Shiseido Co., Ltd. other than manufacturing (Kuki Plant). As a result, the former FT Shiseido Co., Ltd., which became engaged only in manufacturing (Kuki Plant), was absorbed into Shiseido Company, Limited.

  • May

    Fine Today Shiseido Co., Ltd. founded.

  • July

    Fine Today Shiseido Co., Ltd. launched its business.

    Fine Today Shiseido Co., Ltd. takes over the personal care business from Shiseido Company, Limited and FT Shiseido Co., Ltd. through an absorption-type company split and launches its business.

  • January

    FineToday Holdings Co., Ltd. launches its business

    Accelerates efforts to build a business system integrated from technological development through manufacturing and sales, as a holding company.

  • January

    Fine Today Shiseido Co., Ltd. changed its corporate name to FineToday Co., Ltd.

  • April

    Fine Today Industries Co., Ltd. (a wholly owned subsidiary) launches its business

    Launches the manufacturing business for personal care products and other products acquired from Shiseido Co., Ltd.

  • July

    FineToday Co., Ltd. opens a new R&D site, FineToday Beauty Innovation Center.

  • December

    Acquired Shiseido Vietnam Inc., the Vietnam Factory operator and a wholly owned Shiseido subsidiary.