About FineToday

Enrich the lives of everyone today
and for generations to come

An Aesthetic Intelligence,
Cultivated for Life

After taking over Shiseido’s personal care business in 2021, FineToday Group began with a clear purpose—to enrich the lives of everyone today and for generations to come, one fine day at a time.

Beauty is the foundation that inspires our aesthetic intelligence as a company. It encourages us to create products that enrich the mind and body, empowering everyone to live a radiant, positive lifestyle. And it breathes new life into our journey as we work together to benefit people and the planet.

Corporate Philosophy
生き生きとしたくらしをつくる美意識の追求 生き生きとしたくらしをつくる美意識の追求

A Vision to Become Asia’s Top Personal Care Company

We hope to achieve sustainable development and serve as an excellent example for Asia’s personal care industry by positively impacting local communities and global operations.

The aesthetic intelligence we’ve cultivated enables us to pursue this vision as we stay committed to reliable, high-quality manufacturing that reflects the essence of our customers’ needs. At the same time, we continue to set higher standards and realize new goals by embracing the frontier spirit we developed as a start-up.


Brands Trusted to Enrich Every Day

Our products are more than daily necessities. They’re tools that enrich, encourage, and empower people’s lives. This vision is at the heart of every product we make in our three main focus areas: skin, hair, and body care.

Our Brands

Our Network

Always Nearby, with 9 Domestic and
11 Overseas Locations

In addition to Japan, we have sales and brand marketing offices in China and other countries and regions throughout APAC (Asia Pacific). We aim to set an example of excellence by meeting the diverse needs of people in Asia and beyond while positively impacting local communities and global operations.

Corporate Profile

Office Locations


Value Chain

Integrated Manufacturing, from
Development to Marketing

We’ve optimized the entire value chain from the early stages of technological development to brand marketing. Our system produces quality at every step of the process, enabling us to deliver a diverse range of products that meet the needs of people in each country and region where we operate.

R&D and Manufacturing

Our Team

Making A Wonderful Day with Our Diverse Team

Employees from a wide variety of backgrounds come together to create FineToday Group’s products and services. We believe the spirit of working together in harmony is best accomplished in an environment that respects diversity and equality.


Now, for the Future

Creating Value for All Stakeholders

We developed our medium to long-term vision, Fine Today & Tomorrow 2030, to achieve our purpose. This vision consists of four pillars: Principles of Governance, People, Planet, and Prosperity. All these elements stand together to help us realize our promise to provide sustainable value to all our stakeholders.

the mid-to-long-term vision Fine Today & Tomorrow 2030

あらゆるステークホルダーとともに価値を創造し続けていくために あらゆるステークホルダーとともに価値を創造し続けていくために